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NOTE: This page will be updated infrequently and is hopelessly outdated as samples are added in other places.

"We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing while others judge us by what we have already done."



A brief career Bio:

UDATE: File under not in a million years would I have thought of this... In addition to my other media work, I can now add -
Actor. In this feature film - Vikingdom - being produced locally here in Malaysia. Whooda thunk. Also Tenor (but I'm a better Baritone) in Cantus Musicus.

I am a consultant for marketing and media. I now reside in Kuala Lumpur. Recently, while living in Romania, my work experience included advisor for a political candidate (now vice-mayor in Piatra Neamt), marketing consultant for a regional newspaper (Monitorul de Neamt/Roman) writer for another regional paper (Ochiul Public) and contributing photographer (several organizations including BBC, Evenimentul Zilei, Monitorul).

Born in Detroit, Michigan my family moved overseas when I was 9 years old and I grew up living in Turkey, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Germany. Attended college in central New York and while working at 2 local radio stations as an announcer, reporter and licensed engineer (FCC Class 3) I began marketing my services to local businesses. Graduated with a BSc in Cinematography and returned to college for a degree in Graduate Studies in Corporate Communications.

In my professional experience, I have worked with many businesses as a team member and advisor as well as leader, and applied my skills and experience to help them realize growth and success. My professional background ranges from audio engineer, author, instructional designer, narrator, photographer, and video/audio producer.

In life, as in our chosen career activities, sometimes we are passengers, sometimes we are navigators, and sometimes we are drivers. I'm a good passenger and an excellent navigator, but I like to drive - figuratively and literally. Driving requires both attention to detail and awareness of the entire process, simultaneously. There are a lot details and activities in getting from one place to another, whether one is driving a vehicle or managing a project from investigation to implementation and successful outcome.

The examples listed here are some samples of my work. They represent my skills, vision and accomplishment in which I have made contributions as a creative talent, team member and manager.

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 Writing - Editing                 Sales & Marketing 


 Multi-Media Training				      Media Production & Performance
 *See Note

CD Multi-Media Sales Training

In this project, I researched, designed, developed and wrote electronic books and Powerpoint presentations, including instructor's guides and criterion reference tests. I also designed animations, contributed film and digital photography, and negotiated clearances for supporting materials and software. (*Although I am one of the principal authors, I do not hold the copyright for the material on the CD and cannot properly display it here.)

The purpose of this CD-ROM training was to introduce new salespeople to the fundamentals of the materials handling industry including: materials handling methods and equipment, company products and the marketplace, and industrial selling. Each of these primary topics was broken down into several modules covering basic information and essential concepts that the successful sales representative would need to understand and utilize in their new career.

The plan for the training program consisted of the CD-ROM self guided training at the each dealership, to be followed by classroom instruction at the factory. Returning to the dealership training would continue with one on one mentoring and field work in the new sales representative's assigned territory. The CD-ROM was chosen for time and resource demands and as a way of testing the effectiveness of using multi-media for primary training. Upon successful evaluation, primary and supplemental content could be efficiently migrated and maintained as web based instruction available to the entire dealer network.

My role was to research, develop and write books which explained the products function and application, industry content would be supplied by resources from the extensive corporate training programs. Upon completion and release of the CD, the first classroom training was successfully conducted. The project was suspended when the parent company made a business decision to put the project on hold.

Since I am not able to display content from the e-books, I offer a powerpoint presentation used in the classroom portion of the training program. You can download the "zipped" .ppt file with instructor notes or a pps slide show. Both files are each over 3MB in size. You can also view the presentation with instructor notes as a .pdf file.

Presenting information through muli-media can enhance learning. Effective designs provide flexibility in self paced presentation of lessons and promote understanding and retention by synergistically engaging the learner's senses. Here is a screen shot from another example of multi-media training taken from a tutorial created while I was a graduate student.



Writing - Editing

Message design offers many opportunities to create awareness and meaning. Sometimes the mission of the message is simple and the process flows like water poured from a cup. Sometimes the message is complicated with many goals designed into the content. As a writer and editor my mission is always the same, make it clear and keep it concise.
I began my professional writing as a reporter and announcer for radio and soon included editing and writing copy for commercials, news and public service programming as well. I have also written audio/video scripts, cover letters, snapshot articles, and public relations materials, edited business brochures, presentations and technical articles, designed innovative advertising and placed promotional and professional materials in trade publications.

The graphic above is from a storyboard for a script on the setup and operation of a scientific instrument. My thanks to Nancy Hines for taking my stick figure drawings and turning them into such finely detailed images.


Here are a few links to a series I am currently writing for the CSRA Business Monthly: (many other examples available)

*** Sorry the links no longer function but for an example of writing, and online training see Message Design

Everybody Sells

The 5 P's

Hide and Go Seek



Sales & Marketing





Media Production & Performance

I enjoy working on "both sides of the microphone" and my technical experience has always made my work as performer and manager more effective. I have worked as a narrator in numerous commercials, business presentations, promotional and instructive audio and video tapes and CD's. I have also served as a producer for clients and employers media projects, and on occasion I still push a button and turn a dial.

I like giving something back to the community I live in so I also "perform" as a volunteer by donating my time to local non-profit organizations and the public library. Being a volunteer is very rewarding and an experience I highly recommend.



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