ZevGroup is able to customize our approach to the needs of each client because we base our approach on the fundamentals of social psychology and organizational behavior.

Project Portfolio

ZevGroup has provided:

  • Strategic Planning for a not-for-profit organization.
  • Marketing recommendations for a human services organization and a mobile wireless games company;
  • Business development, conflict management services, and vision consulting for high-technology firms.
  • Mission statement development for not-for-profits and for-profit companies
  • Individualized coaching for managers learning the ropes and dealing with challenging employees.
  • Negotiation coaching for a high-tech firm executive involved in complex technical negotiations.

Please contact ZevGroup at 607-273-1710 for additional details.

Culture Assessment

ZevGroup visits your site to examine the culture, environment, and interactions that characterize your company and work groups. Experienced interviewers meet with your managers and knowledge workers to learn the history of your company's structure and about how work is accomplished and perceived. We focus on important issues in such interactions as: those among team members, between teams; between teams and administration; and within top management teams. We consider the physical layout, reward structures, information exchange processes, potential sources of conflict, and of course the people themselves.

ZevGroup was founded by Jennifer J. Halpern, Ph.D. A social psychologist with a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the Haas School at University of California, Berkeley, Halpern brings more than a decade of consulting, research, and teaching experience in the areas of business relationships, strategic planning and development, marketing, conflict management, and communication to bear on the challenges of companies struggling to stay ahead in today’s economy.

You will receive a report of our observations and recommendations.

Team Tuning

Our Team Tuning Workshop is a two-day workshop taught on your site to knowledge worker team members. Entire teams (maximum of 10 individuals) participate in the workshop together. Team Tuning teaches specific skills and behaviors that improve team performance and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of team members.

The workshop covers:

  • Listening actively. The active listener participates in the communication, hearing both what is meant and what is not said. ZevGroup uses proven interpersonal exercises to train knowledge workers in active listening skills.

  • Presenting ideas, suggestions, and criticism clearly so that they can be heard. Our approach recognizes that team success requires ongoing negotiations over competing ideas and approaches. ZevGroup teaches communication skills with exercises developed to teach negotiators and actors. Many knowledge workers find that these skills help them in their everyday lives beyond the team.

  • Speaking and hearing the truth about the team's project. Especially when a project is turning sour, team members bear a special responsibility to the team and to the company to make the problem known. ZevGroup teaches ways to communicate messages that are hard to hear without insulting the listener or demeaning others.

  • Using email, voicemail, and other communication technologies effectively.

  • Working as a team. ZG draws on case studies, case simulations, and group discussions. Concepts drawn from social psychology research and quality management form the core of this unit.

Ideas can be applied immediately, and concise take-aways offer opportunities for review of the major concepts we cover.

Specifically FOR MANAGERS:
Just in Team Management
A one-day workshop for managers of knowledge workers.

If a knowledge worker team isn't working beyond the manager's expertise, the manager is probably over-managing. Managers need special skills to manage knowledge worker teams. Some of these skills resemble the communications and negotiation skills ZevGroup teaches to team members. But managers must see a more distant horizon. A manager must know how to get milestone information from a team's progress and must know when to abort a project.

We also work with top management facilitating idea generation, team development, and conflict resolution.


Other Products

  • ZevGroup offers companies its proprietary Team Thermometer. The Team Thermometer polls team members periodically by e-mail with a brief set of questions designed to probe for early signs of individual dissatisfaction, team disharmony, and project dysfunction.

  • ZevGroup can propose early interventions that often can save the project and the team, and that can forestall defections.

  • ZevGroup can provide in-house work-issue-oriented therapy.


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