Online Solutions for Publishers


Every day more smart magazine publishers are integrating New Media into their ad sales promotion and business practices. Media planners are now screening publications on the online version of SRDS. There are other free directories such as Oxbridge's Media Finder and Media Start. Your customers and prospects are looking for you online. Putting your presentations and promotion material on the Web saves time, money and trees. It creates a new virtual presentation space for your salespeople to reach more prospects faster. Online interfaces can qualify buyers, build e-mail databases, streamline your reader service proces, and substantially lower your classified transaction costs.

Put your next special ad section online with links to your advertisers and you can make your special sections evergreen events!

For details on creating an online promotion, an online media kit or presentation, or to use the web for more efficient reader service or classified transactions, call William Duke at 212-598-4820 (e-mail at

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