What does Bush have to do to get impeached? Eat babies?

How many war crimes and admitted felonies does Bush have to commit to get impeached? Congress impeached Clinton merely for having extramarital sex; What on Earth does Bush have to do to get impeached? Boil and eat a live human baby on national television?

Marty White, 2006-Jan-06

Impeach Bush !

Demand That Congress Represent the People, Not Corporations !

George W. Bush is a grave danger to the security of the world. He is violating international law and his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. He is bloodthirsty for oil profits, and is trampling on civil rights. Iraq is totally incapable of landing a single bullet on U.S. soil, yet Bush has ordered the military to analyze the feasibility of using nuclear weapons as a first strike option. His only goal in Iraq is to install a U.S. puppet dictator to ensure the profitable flow of oil -- he doesn't care about freedom or democracy or even life there. Meanwhile here in the United States we are well on the path to becoming a police state. The Patriot Act, the "Homeland Security" department and other machineries are forming the political infrastructure for it right before our eyes. When all the blood is spilled and the democratically selected dictators replaced and our grandchildren are shaking their heads in horror at what we've done, perhaps you can be proud that you helped shelter some "terrorists" and saved at least one Semitic familily from pointless extermination.


The New York Times, the big commercial networks of ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and NBC, and the PBS Newshour and NPR are all censoring themselves to please their corporate sponsors, who are of course in favor of anything to increase profits and keep the laborers down. They are better propagandists than the Soviets or Nazis ever dreamed of being. Their reports are full of half-truths and gross omissions -- lies by any reasonable definition. Understand that just because you occasionally hear a report with a "liberal" bent deosn't mean that they aren't censoring themselves. They are deeply corrupt. NPR and PBS also air commercials all the time, and so are just as controlled as the rest. While I enjoy their classical music, I refuse to donate money to my local "public"radio station, WSKG, until they stop airing commercials. Read Chomsky & Herman's "Manufacturing Consent" for clear explanation and smoking-gun documentation of this phenomena -- an analysis done in the 1980s and far more relevant today than ever.

For uncensored broadcast news, I recommend Democracy Now!, Free Speech Radio News or Pacifica Network News. For uncensored news web sites, I recommend IndyMedia. For political analysis so you can really understand what's going on behind the smoke and mirrors, try Common Dreams News Center or Z-net.

Marty White, 2003-Feb-13