Renting Varna Community Association Facilities

VCA facilities are available for rental to individuals and groups as long as the intended use does not conflict with VCA policy. Rentals depend on availability. Both one-time and long-term rentals are possible.

These rules apply to all renters:
  • Renters accept liability for all damages (other than normal wear) that occur to VCA property and facilities as a result of rental.

  • Renters must immediately contact a representative of the VCA if there are any problems with the facility, damage to the property or facilities, or injuries that occur during rental.

  • Renters must agree to hold harmless and indemnify the VCA against all claims of injury that may result from use of VCA property and facilities.

  • A key/damage/cleaning deposit of $100 is required before rental. This deposit will be returned following rental if all conditions of the rental contract are met and all VCA property is left clean and in good repair.  Key replacement fee:  $20. Cleaning fee:  $30 per hour. Trash/recycling charge:  $5 per bag for trash or recycling left in the building. Repair fee: $25 per hour plus parts and supplies.

  • Payment in full of the rental fee is required before the start of the rental period. If a renter pays by check, the check must be made out to: “Varna Community Association, Inc.”

  • Smoking is not allowed in the Community Center building.

  • Renters must prevent children under 16 years old from working in the kitchen unless a separate written waiver for this activity is signed.

  • Renters are responsible for the setup and take-down of all chairs, tables and other items used during rental. All furnishings must be returned to their pre-rental positions by the end of the rental period.

  • Recyclable materials generated on site by renters may be placed in the dumpster labeled “R”. Trash must NOT be placed in the “R” dumpster.

  • Trash generated on site by renters may be placed in the locked dumpster. The lock combination will be furnished at the time of rental.

  • Renters must not use toys and child-sized furniture belonging to the Varna After School Program.

  • Renters must not use tape, tacks, staples, etc. on walls or woodwork.

  • Food and beverages must be kept off the carpeted area.

  • The Community Center building and grounds are to be left a clean, orderly condition with floors cleaned, doors and windows locked, lights and fans off at the end of the rental period.

  • All keys issued to renters must be returned immediately at the end of the rental period. 

  • Renters must respect VCA neighbors’ property and privacy. Noise and  disruptive activities must be limited to a reasonable level at all times during rental.

  • Speed limit on VCA property is 5mph

  • Parking is allowed on grass areas (unless the ground is so wet that driving on the grass will leave ruts).

  • Parking is NOT allowed in the lot in front of Bell’s Auto.

Rental rates for one-time or short-term use can be found here. For inquiries about long-term rentals, cooler or freezer space rental contact