2005 NOUVEAU
Celebrate the new 2005 vintage and the Holiday Season!

Sheldrake Point introduces our 2005 Cabernet Franc Nouveau wine. Borrowing from the traditions of the famous Nouveau wines of Beaujolais, this fresh, fruity, and friendly aromatic red wine celebrates the 2005 vintage. Release is on the third Thursday in November!

Our Cabernet Franc Nouveau is the perfect festive wine for the holiday season. The ripe fruit flavors of cherry and raspberry, refreshing acidity, and light texture of the wine are wonderful complements to turkey and light holiday fare.

How Nouveau is Made
Three tons of our estate Cabernet Franc grapes were hand harvested on October 13, 2005 and fermented using traditional “carbonic maceration”. The clusters of grapes were left completely intact (whole) and transferred to a stainless steel tank. The tank was sealed, filled with carbon dioxide to blanket the grapes, and kept warm (80 to 90 F). In this environment, enzymatic fermentation occurs in the whole berries producing a few degrees of alcohol and the jazzy, fruity character typical of nouveau wines. Inevitably, the weight of the grapes crushes those near the bottom thereby producing free run juice. This juice is fermented using yeast (GRE) that had been added to the tank prior to filling.

Then, this partially fermented fruit is pressed and the resulting juice goes through a malolactic fermentation with encouragement by our winemaking team (threats, loud music, and dancing around the tank). The wine ferments to dryness over the next four days and is bottled in mid-November. From vine to bottle in just 4 weeks!

2005 Cabernet Franc Nouveau from Sheldrake Point – a unique Finger Lakes vinous experience for this holiday season and great value at $7.99 (approximate shelf price). Order it now!