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Guro Mask.
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See our "Masks of the Ivory Coast" Collection.
Guro Mask.
        Unlike most of the African Art in galleries and on the Internet, the African Art at the Titus Gallery comes from old collections, universities or museums.  Many of our museum pieces have the original museum tags and/or museum identification numbers on them.   Our museum pieces were acquired over a period of many years, primarily at various auctions.  Quite a few of our other pieces were acquired from important old collections. All of our African Art has been carefully studied and researched to verify age, origin and authenticity.

Hemba Luba stool, Zaire. A rare Hemba/Luba
double figure caryatid stool.

The fine,varied, dark patina and wear is consistent with many years of use.

Original museum tag.

Origin:  Zaire

Height:  16.75 inches

Provenance:  Stuart J. Warkow,SMA Fathers Missionary Museum,Titus Gallery.

A rare Songye
community magical figure.

The original museum tag is on this figure and a museum number is on the base.

Magical substance has been sealed into the mouth and abdomen of this power figure by a nganga (shaman).

Origin:  Zaire

Height:  42.5 inches

Provenance:  Pickard Art Galleries, Duke University Museum of Art,Titus Gallery.

Songye community magical figure,Zaire.
Songye Kifwebe mask, Zaire. A very old
Songye Kifwebe mask.

A superb, thin walled carving with typical dark, glossy patina of use on the reverse (that you would expect on a genuine ritual piece).

Traces of indiginous pigments.

Origin:  Zaire

Height:  17 inches

Provenance:  Titus Gallery.

A superb, old
Guro mask.

Origin:  Ivory Coast

Height:  9.75 inches

Provenance:  SMA Fathers Missionary Museum,Titus Gallery.

Guro Mask, Ivory Coast.
See our "Masks of the Ivory Coast" Collection.

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