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RPA Services
Systems Solutions
RPA specializes in providing real-time signal processing solutions that have to solve a given problem all the time, every time.

As such, we have developed an array of products for customers that have each had their own unique system requirements.

For example, we have developed lossless data recorders for critical applications, image processing platforms that always maintain video frame rate, ultra low power image processing arrays, and sensor data interface and acquisition systems.

Our expertise resides in combining processing power between DSPs, microcontrollers, and programmable logic devices in a fashion tailored to the customers needs. We have complete design capabilities in all of these areas including hardware, firmware, and software development.

Hardware Development   Software Development
RPA can develop custom signal processing systems, or adapt one of our common platforms to meet your specific needs.

We serve as design partners for many of our customers, providing system, circuit, programmable logic, and printed circuit board design resources on an as needed basis. This frees up our customers resources to concentrate on their customer and product line needs. RPA provides the details necessary to implement their goals.

We have experience with complex digital as well as analog signal processing circuit design at rates from audio to video.

A few examples of the hardware platforms we have developed for customers includes :

  • 28 Analog Devices SHARC DSP products
  •   (all developed in ~ 2.5 year timespan)
  • FPGA based image fusion engines
  • PC-104+ multi-channel data acquisition
  • Low Noise, Hi Speed Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Video Acquisition
  • Calligraphic Video Processing
  • Complete Sensor Electronics (CID, CCD, CMOS)
  • Digital Image Processing

    We have been the design partner behind many successful signal processing platforms sold under many customers' labels. Give us a call with your requirements to see if we can provide a hardware platform to meet your needs.

  •   RPA develops real-time software applications for processors from microcontrollers, to microprocessors, to digital signal processors.

    We can provide software support from hardware drivers to complete applications.

    We maintain a number of software development tools including:

  • Microsoft Visual C/C++
  • GNU
  • Keil IDE (microcontrollers)
  • Visual DSP (Analog Devices)
  • VentureCom IDE
  • NIOS (Altera embedded softcore CPU)

    We develop applications for a number of operating systems including :

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • QNX
  • VentureCom (formerly Pharlap)

    We can develop and integrate real-time, embedded drivers and applications on any of these platforms, as well as pure, embedded code with no OS.

    Applications we have developed include image processing, acoustic signal processing, and complex system command and control.

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