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RPA News
  • has been selected as a prime contractor for a Phase I SBIR (N02-191) from NAVAIR to study a solution to provide intermediate image frames, with applied motion, from the raster output of an IG with an update rate slower than that of the display device. The contract is to develop innovative concepts for real-time image processing of 2D video to perform tasks such as intermediate frame calculation, edge blending, curved surface distortion compensation, and multiple image combining. The system will allow older, legacy, as well as new, lower cost image generators to achieve increased system performance with minimal software changes.

  • has been awarded a contract from E-OIR Technologies to develop a FLIR sensor to fiber optic network interface, with accompanying embedded computing platform for sensor control and image processing. RPA will design a custom daughterboard for our FIO PC-104+ product, program the FPGA, and generate software drivers for E-OIR to control the system. The device will be deployed for test at the Army Night Vision Labs testing grounds for use on a mobile platform.

  • has delivered acoustic signal processor and multi-channel data recorder platforms to BAE Systems for use in first article sonar arrays. RPA hardware and software will provide communication and control of the systems as well as become a platform for remote signal processing of acquired data. This was the second phase of the project for RPA and, as a result of this effort, RPA has been awarded a third contract by BAE to develop software during FY2003 to fully integrate the devices into a remotely operated environment.

  • has delivered production, ultra high speed Smart Frame Grabber platforms for the SAIC SIMES project. Our frame grabber platform was selected early in the design phase by SAIC because of its modular design and programmable logic based intermediate processing engine. The system developed for SAIC allows them to operate from a wide source of analog video input, accommodating pixel rates from 25 to 160 MHz. The programmable logic sorts data in real-time, to only send pixel data of interest to the SIMES software, eliminating potential PCI bus bottlenecks and software processing overhead.

  • has delivered multiple Optically Phased Array Controllers (OPAC) to Raytheon Systems Company for next generation array testing. Raytheon develops and produces the 'glass' to allow beam steering of laser input light in multiple dimensions with no moving parts. RPA was selected to produce highly programmable and adaptable controllers for their optics, based upon our Flexible I/O product line and an accompanying unique daughterboard designed and produced by RPA.

  • has delivered four Digital Image Scan Rotation systems to BAE Systems, Johnson City, NY as part of a C-17 upgrade risk reduction effort. RPA provided a dual digital video input, single output digital image formatting device, based upon programmable logic devices, which can be configured for a variety of input and output image formatting requirements. The system encodes the output video per C-17 MFD unique requirements and transmits them over a Hotlink interface.

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