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RPA Affiliations
Altera Consultants Alliance Program
Altera RPA has utilized the Altera FPGA Flex 8k and 10K families for applications including high speed digital interface design, complex state machine design, data acquisition, and data streaming applications.  We are experienced in AHDL, VHDL, and Schematic design entry with the MAX-PLUS II tool set.
Xilinx Consultants Program
Xilinx RPA is an active member of this program.  We have utilized Xilinx components for applications including video timing generation, host to processor bus arbitration, timing critical control, RADAR acquisition trigger control, and algorithmic pipeline implementation
PLX Recommended Consultant
PLX Partner Program RPA utilized the PLX 9060 and 9080 PCI controller chips in multiple high performance designs.  In addition to interfacing the PLX to various processors, we have  written software drivers for Windows 95 and NT.
IPC Designer's Council Active Member
IPC RPA maintains an active leadership role in our local designer's council.  One of our design engineers is currently Vice President of the local chapter.  As such, we are kept abreast of the latest design trends and commercial design and manufacturing standards. 

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