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About RPA
Founded in 1995, RPA has been providing platforms for solving complex, real-time problems since our inception.

Our first contracts included :

  • developing an FPGA timing controller for an industrial video camera family
  • adapting an existing multi-FPGA design for RADAR simulation to generate timing signals for displaying video on a rotating sweep (R, theta) display
  • adapting a customer's TI 320 series DSP product for the PCI platform

    Following those initial designs, we teamed with Alex Computer Systems (Ithaca, NY) to develop a line of Analog Devices SHARC DSP products, marketed under the Alex name. In a 2-1/2 year span with Alex, RPA designed and produced 28 different SHARC products including :

  • PCI Motherboards
  • VME Motherboards
  • Multi-Processing SHARCPAC Modules
  • Video Display SHARCPAC Module
  • SCSI Interface SHARCPAC Module
  • 1553 Interface SHARCPAC Module
  • 200 MS/sec ADC SHARC VME Board
  • And many others…

    This product line was later sold to Spectrum Signal Processing (Vancouver, Canada). RPA still supports and produces many of these products for Spectrum.

    With the volume of business involving programmable logic development that RPA was performing, we launched our Flexible I/O (FIO) board product line. We found a need for maximum flexibility with common I/O platforms, such as PCI, in a majority of the designs we encountered. The Flexible I/O products provided us with a base solution to build upon, rather than reinventing the interface hardware and software for each development task. RPA and our customers have designed FIO products into control and interface systems for :

  • Video Acquisition
  • Video Camera Control
  • Multi-channel Audio Data Acquisition and Control
  • Optically Phased Array Control
  • Industrial Equipment Control
  • And many others…

    RPA has been serving the simulation community since our inception. Our founders' expertise was in image generation for both visual and RADAR scenes, giving us a unique perspective on real-time processing requirements for mission critical applications. We have been contracted to create custom video and image processing solutions for :

  • Image Generation
  • Image Post Processing
  • Sensor Simulation
  • Scan Rotation
  • Format Conversion
  • Image Manipulation
  • Calligraphic Video Manipulation
  • RADAR Video Processing

    Our recent award of a NAVAIR SBIR contract (see News at RPA) to develop an image processing engine to enhance the performance of some IGs is a natural extension of our expertise in this area.

    RPA has recently developed a Genlock solution for nVIDIA based graphics cards for the simulation community. The system is graphics card vendor independent, allowing user's to take advantage of the latest technology at any given time. See our system level Products page for more details.

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