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Wherever You Go (2007)

  1. I'm So Happy
  2. Princess's Lament (I'm So Delicate)  [mp3]
  3. How Long Is A Sunset?
  4. Working On My Novel
  5. Looks Like It's Happening Again
  6. Elvis Had The Magic
  7. What Is A Gun?
  8. I'm On the Run
  9. Middle-Aged Dance Band
  10. Picture Of Jesus
  11. The Dalai Lama Song
  12. Everything Dies
  13. Wherever You Go  [mp3]

Shut Up & Pay Attention To Me (2005)

  1. Personals Ads  [mp3]
  2. One More Lonely Song
  3. A Little Bit Angry
  4. Cows In the White House
  5. Waiting For The Cows
  6. I Wanna Be Like Jonathan Richman
  7. Song For My Mother
  8. Rustbucket Chevy
  9. Happy
  10. You Don't Know Very Much
  11. Shut Up And Pay Attention To Me
  12. Just Call Me Spider
  13. Highway Rest Stop Winter's Night 1968
  14. Where's Everybody Going?