Manage hundreds of channels and mix of sensors: Strain, charge, voltage. Real anti-alias filters. Graphical User Interface. Built-In Test

Introducing the Precision 27000 Signal Conditioning Wizard

No other signal conditioning system gives you the power to:

How the best got better

Precision Filters gives you outstanding performance and reliability and the best filters in the marketplace. But you knew that. What you may not know is that we've pioneered new technology to make your test measurements more effective and efficient. The Precision 27000's graphical user interface (GUI) helps you manage your tests and reduces your need for programming. The Wizard's algorithms help you design and set up your tests more easily so that you can get your answers faster. And the built-in factory acceptance tests, the same tests performed at the factory, provide test reports that assure system performance and reduce life cycle costs. Sure, Precision Filters set the standard in the industry for filters. And now we've conjured up new standards for signal conditioning systems, which makes us all the better for you.

Mix Transducers in a single system

With its almost supernatural powers, the Precision 27000 Signal Conditioning Wizard makes it easy to manage a test with a mix of transducers. And, unlike systems that require a dedicated rack for each type of sensor, the 27000 allows you to mix transducers for different test regimens and condition them all in a single system. Choose strain, charge, voltage (filter amplifier), thermocouple, RTD, potentiometer, current, frequency, or other transducers. Enjoy the highest performance and flexibility for any test configuration.

Condition signals for immediate data conversion

The Precision 27000 is data-acquisition ready with real anti-alias filters that condition signals for immediate data conversion. You get high-performance filters in each channel, for 12- to 16-bit A/D resolution with cutoff frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 127.5 kHz and 1/2 degree phase match.

Sub-multiplex channel outputs to an A/D converter and reduce the number of cables and A/D devices, keeping your total system costs low.

Manage hundreds of channels and a mix of transducers

Unbelievable but true: the Precision 27000 Signal Conditioning Wizard allows you to support a mix of transducers and provides unsurpassed performance and reliability while conditioning signals for immediate data conversion.

To manage so many channels, the Precision 27000 Signal Conditioning Wizard employs a management system of structured data bases (sensors and equipment), a graphical user interface (GUI), and a collection of algorithms. The databases keep records of the sensors and equipment that can be imported when you are designing or setting up a test. The Wizard's algorithms transmute tedious and complex engineering calculations into simple setup entries. The GUI provides control panels for configuration, setup, operation and testing. And a variety of reports is available, including system status, self test results, and even cable lists.

Precision Filters is the only manufacturer to offer you the Wizard's algorithms to help you during system scaling. It's as simple as using a spreadsheet. Just change one parameter and the Wizard makes all other relevant calculations. Best of all, you won't have to pore over filter plots to calculate the tradeoffs between cutoff frequency, sampling rate, and attenuation of aliases. The Wizard's algorithm does it for you, in the blink of an eye, providing all the help you need to manage a large test system.

Assure system integrity before performing measurements

The Precision 27000's built-in self tests ensure end-to-end system performance. From the transducers to the data interface, you can be confident everything works properly before your test begins, so you get valid data. The test subsystem lets you perform a Go/No-Go test with diagnostics prior to measurement, which reduces downtime and test errors. You can generate calibration signals, measure performance, pinpoint problems, and check cabling and connections instantly. Each conditioner offers a test circuit optimized for individual transducer types.

Reduce life cycle costs

Precision Filters is the only manufacturer to offer you built-in performance tests that can be performed throughout the life of the system. The Wizard's rigorous factory acceptance tests-there's no need to write your own-assure you that the Precision 27000 Signal Conditioning Wizard meets you most stringent requirements for critical applications. These tests are built-in, automatic, and fast; ready to earn a permanent place in your maintenance routine. Traceable to NIST, our built-in tests eliminate your need for off-site calibration, so you can concentrate on running your tests. That minimizes your time in the cal lab, and saves you time and money over the life of the system.

Upgrade and expand as requirements change

Looking into your future, the Wizard structured the 27000 for upgrading by employing a central controller with software to manage your databases, graphical user interface, and report generators. The Wizard also utilized industry-standard interface hardware and software that can be integrated with your existing equipment. The Wizard is providing an ever-expanding family of 27000 signal conditioning cards to meet your future requirements. You can also combine the Precision 27000 with the Precision 8600 DAServer and the Precision Programmable Patch for maximum system compatibility and savings.

Count on the best available performance and reliability

Look to the Precision 27000 for reliable low-cost filtering and transducer conditioning. You get the filter performance that makes Precision Filters the industry leader. Choose 4-, 6-, or 8-pole filters; Butterworth, Bessel, or Elliptic; fixed or programmable. The 27000 has the uncanny ability to give you exactly what you want. With its built-in automated adjustments, such as DC offset correction, the 27000 ensures superior performance. And a built-in test, traceable to NIST, eliminates the need for offsite calibration, so you can concentrate on running tests, not running to the cal lab.

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