Health Democracy

is the movement to establish a co-op sector for health coverage in the United States. We seek to provide immediate relief to millions of uninsured and underinsured (and soon-to-be uninsured) while contributing, by local example, to the campaign for universal health coverage.

Forthcoming book by Paul Glover, founder of the Ithaca Health Alliance explains how to start and develop a health co-op.

Members join Ithaca's co-op for $100/YEAR/adult and $50/YEAR/child. They are covered for everyday emergencies, receive discounts with area healers, priority access to forthcoming free clinic, and other benefits.

Glover is available to consult with communities seeking to establish co-operative health care or local currency, to expand community-based economic development, and generally prepare for a 21st Century without oil.
He is also founder of Ithaca HOURS local currency, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles and other programs. See resume

To be notified when this book is published, contact him at
607 342-2881