Collinsworth's of Beam Hill

Family pictures
4 years old
3 years old
2 years old
1 year old
Twins first birthday
Dryden, NY (where we live)
Town of Dryden information
Living in Dryden (a local blog)
Information about Ithaca and Cortland, NY (each about 20 minutes drive)
Ithaca Visitor's Bureau
IthacaNet (lots of local web links)
Cortland, NY
Information about Syracuse, NY (about 1 hour drive)
Syracuse Visitor's Bureau
Syracuse Online
Colleges in Ithaca/Cortland area
Tompkins Cortland Community College
SUNY Cortland
Ithaca College
Cornell University
Some churches and Christian student organizations
Bethel Grove Bible Church
New Life Presbyterian Church
First Assembly of God
Cornell International Christian Fellowship
Cornell Navigators
Campus Crusade for Christ
Other links
Crazy Uncle Troy's t-shirt hurling machine