Bosch L-Jet injection on my 69 Europa S2.

Mark Reichert
September, 2003



Plenum, with intake air hose disappearing into area previously occupied by battery. The air-flow meter and air filter are underneath this, so I was unable to get any kind of useful picture of them.


Close-up of intake air hose.




Fuel rail, plenum, throttle cable.


Close-up of Injectors and fuel fail




Fuel pressure regulator.



View from the rear.



Rather a mess of wiring. Injection bits are: resistor pack (center), and multifunction relay (right).

I have a ground block at top, and a fuse block on the bottom.



Bosch L-Jet injection control box




Header, fuel pump, and filter.



Fuel filter and coil.



MSD ignition control box. (Note that I needed a kit from MSD to get the ignition and injection to work together. The kit consists of a coil and a diode.)