Those of you who do the FLCC Tuesday night races and also have access to a Computrainer might be interested in this.


Using a Polar S710 bike computer, which has an altitude sensor and a data recorder, I recorded the two courses that we were racing on in the summer of 2003 - Ringwood and Brooktondale.


I eventually figured out a way to take the speed and altitude data and turn it into the distance and grade values for use in the Computrainer 3D simulation software.


The altitude profiles seem fairly realistic. The Polar unit is only accurate to 5 feet, and averages the data over five second samples Ė so donít expect to see your favorite potholes. I filtered the results to smooth out some of the stair step effect, but the ascent up Ringwood is still choppy in places. I donít have any turn info, so thatís all made up.


I have the data in two flavors crs and 3dc. The first is the format that I was able to generate from my data. The second form has been loaded into the latest version of the Computrainer 3d software (which gave it random turns) and saved.


Feel free to use these courses. If you make them better, let me know.

Note that both courses start and end at East Hill Plaza. Iíve made pictures noting what I believe to be key landmarks, but I might have it wrong.





Iíll see you on the actual roads soon.


Mark Reichert

(Slow guy on the red and white Cervelo)