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The Latin American Book Store, Ltd.,™ established in 1982 in Ithaca, New York, supplies academic libraries with strong interest in building and maintaining Latin American studies collections.. We specialize in firm orders and approval plans that provide, on a regular and reliable basis, the most recent Latin American publications to U.S. and Canadian academic libraries and community.

In order to provide the most professional service possible, we work exclusively with academic level material.

Our specialties: Carlos Castellanos in the study of Latin American literature, art and film and Linda Russo in Latin American studies -history and the social sciences- are reflected in the thorough, careful book selection The Latin American Book Store provides. We work to keep abreast of U.S. research needs, maintaining close relationships with professors and their students and attending conferences, seminars and meetings such as SALALM and LASA of which we are members. We attend ALA and ACRL also in order to keep abreast of library collection concerns.

In order to facilitate the direct access to materials from important Latin American regional publishing centers, institutions and universities, we have developed working relationships with cultural, research and publishing communities in different countries. On Latin American trips we focus on cultural, economic and political events. We meet with in-country researchers and students, publishers and book dealers to keep up with emerging trends and authors.
In this way we endeavor to serve as bridge between Latin American academic institutions and universities, and their North American counterparts. We continue to work to strengthen communication and understanding between different perspectives and research agendas in both publishing and scholarship. We also look forward to sharing changes in this new digital age. 
We thank you for your continued support.
Carlos Castellanos and Linda Russo
The Latin American Book Store, Ltd.

Update June 18, 2012

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