Other Onsite Practitioners

Dryden Family Medicine PLLC specializes in you and your family

607-844-8181        PO Box 8, 5 Evergreen Street, Dryden, NY 13053

Counseling Services
Bernard Riley Sisson LCSW is available for counseling concerning individual,
couples and life problems in our office.  Appointments may be made by
contacting him at 607-280-8340.  A licensed clinical social worker, he has many
years of experience in dealing with issues affecting teens and adults.  He
participates with many insurances and is eligible for insurance coverage
with some others.

Alcohol and Substance Usage Concerns
Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services offers in office consultations to assess
and advise persons about their concerns regarding alcohol and substance use.
Through their service one may better appreciate one's degree of difficulty
and dependence on alcohol or other substances and start on the road toward a
new life.  An appointment to see them can be made by contacting their office
and asking for Al Alfaro LCSW-CASAC, Clinical Supervisor, 607-273-5500.