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William A. Klepack, M.D., ABFP

William Klepack, M.D. is Board certified in family practice and received his MD degree from Johns Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore after obtaining his undergraduate degree in physics and science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . His 3 years of Family Practice Residency training was at the University of Rochester Family Medicine Program.
Following residency he practiced in Nome, Alaska with the U.S. Public Health service for two years. Returning to the "lower 48" he joined a group practice in Bath, NY, where he stayed for eight years before the lure of a larger community drew him to Tompkins County in July 1989.
He has been active in the Physically Handicapped Children's Program for many years and is Medical Director of the Tompkins County Health Department.
 His particular interests include patient education, public health, preventive care and orthopedic medicine. Orthopedic medicine is the specialized care of problems (especially pain problems ) of the bones and joints.

He also offers the special procedures of sigmoidoscopy and colposcopy in the office.