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In Memoriam: John Ferger 1924 - 2005

John H. Ferger, M.D., ABFP

John Ferger, M.D. cared for families in Dryden since 1955 and thought of his
patients as his friends. His undergraduate degree was from Swarthmore College, PA, and
he received his MD from Cornell University Medical College. His post-graduate training
was at Bellevue Medical Center in New York City and at Mary Fletcher Hospital of the
University of Vermont Medical School in Burlington, VT. He practiced for 2 1/2 years
with a Penn Yan, NY medical group and then for 2 1/2 years in Alaska with the Alaska
Native Service in Sitka and Bethel. In the latter site he was the only doctor in an area twice
the size of New York State! When he moved to Dryden in 1955 he took over the practice
of another doctor whose office was in his home. After practicing solo for 5 years in his
home office, he was joined by Dr. Walter Baurle and together they built a larger office
at the present site on Evergreen Street. He has been on the boards of several community
health agencies. For many years he was the medical director of the George Junior Republic.
In 1971 he became the first doctor in Tompkins County to be certified as a specialist in
Family Medicine (ABFP) and had maintained his certification by periodic recertification
examinations (as have the other doctors in this practice).  Dr. Ferger is greatly missed.