The Ithaca Triathlon Club sponsors various events throughout the year including weekly training events, self-guiding training program for new triathletes aka (Newbies!!), and clinics that help improve your skills and knowledge about the various aspects within the sport of triathlon.

These events are available to members of the Ithaca Triathlon Club. Due to insurance liability issues, we do require membership as a pre-requisite for participation in these events. See the membership page for more information.

If you would like to find a training partner, send a note to our club’s email list serve -

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Weekly Training

Sunday Morning Run (All Year)

The Ithaca Triathlon Club meets every Sunday for a group run:
Time: Meet at 8:45am, run starts at 9am
Place: Cornell Plantations Wildflower Garden parking lot
Pace: Run is for all levels (people break off into groups by pace and/or distance)

This parking lot is on the west side of the junction of Caldwell Road and Forest Home Drive. If you take Caldwell Road from the Cornell Vet School, the parking lot is on the left - just before the one lane bridge over Fall Creek. Overflow parking available on Forest Home Drive next to Fall Creek (area known as Flat Rock).


Run/Bike/Run (Late April-Mid September)

Time: Meet at 5:45 pm, workout starts at 6 pm (for both Tuesday and Wednesday night RBRs)
Place: Ellis Hollow Community Center on Genung Road, about 1/4 mile down from Ellis Hollow Rd on the right. Use the 2nd driveway entrance and park on the grass to the left.

Tuesday Night – Starts on 4/27/10
Geared towards those who may want to ride and/or run at a more relaxed pace (and no official timing on Tuesday).

Wednesday Night – Starts on 4/28/10
Results: Posted weekly on the ITC list serve.
Timing Volunteers: 2 volunteers are needed each week for timing and safety. Sign-up sheets will be available at the every workout.

Short Course:

  • 1st (1.6 mi) - Run to bottom of Genung and turn around; right on Knoll Tree Rd to the end of the loop and back to Genung; right on Genung to start.
  • 1 loop of bike course (4.6 mi) - Make all right turns in this order: Genung, Ellis Hollow Creek, Ellis Hollow, Genung to start
  • 2nd (1.2 mi) - Run to bottom of Genung and return.

Standard Course:

  • 1st (2.0 mi) - Run to bottom of Genung; turn left on Ellis Hollow Creek Rd for .2 mi (to 9 mile mark) and return to Genung; right on Genung and then right on Knoll Tree Rd to the end of the loop and back to Genung; right on Genung to start.
  • 2 loops of bike course (9.2 mi) - Make all right turns in this order: Genung, Ellis Hollow Creek, Ellis Hollow, Genung to start
  • 2nd (1.6 mi) - Run to bottom of Genung and turn around; right on Knoll Tree Rd to the end of the loop and back to Genung; right on Genung to start.

There is also a "long bike" - run option: 14.5 mile bike (including Ringwood Road - great hill) and any of the runs. You can also make any modifications to the above two courses that fit your needs!

Newbie Training Program

Download the 17 week self-guided training program that will build your endurance and strength to train successfully for the 9th Annual Cayuga Lake Triathlon on August 7, 2011. Week one of the 17 week program would begin on Monday, April 11, 2011. This is a gradual program that will slowly and safely allow you to compete and finish the Sprint distance. You should consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program.


10 Easy Tips for Triathlon Training.

Here are some tips from Andrew Getzin, MD.

  1. Choose a triathlon that is far enough in the future that allows enough time to properly prepare. I advise allowing at least a few months.
  2. Increase your training gradually by increasing less than 10 percent per week (total weekly mileage).
  3. Ensure that you are alternating your workouts to include all three disciplines -- swimming, biking and running.
  4. For many new triathletes, swimming is the hardest part and often quite scary. Remember the least amount of time in almost all triathlons is spent swimming. If you are new to swimming don't worry about your swim time. Just relax and feel comfortable. If it is an open water swim consider borrowing a wetsuit (they help by providing buoyancy and make swimming easier).
  5. The bike part is the longest part of almost all triathlons and seems to be the discipline that first timers prepare for the least. If you have only limited time to train emphasize the bike. First timers should not be worried about what bike they are riding, even a mountain bike will work fine.
  6. The key to any triathlon program is consistency with work outs. However, if a workout is missed do not try to make it up.
  7. As your training progresses, practice brick workouts where one event follows the next. You don't want the first time you try to run after biking to be at the triathlon.
  8. Consider joining a club or a group. Training can often be easier with a friend. Triathlon clubs usually have more experienced racers who can help with questions as to what wear or eat and drink during a race.
  9. If you have any health concerns with training, consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of starting a training program.
  10. Have fun.


The Ithaca Triathlon Club sponsors various clinics throughout the spring and summer, from bike maintenance to transition training. Information about upcoming clinics will be sent out via the list serve and posted on this website as well. Check back for more information.

Local Training Options


Indoor Swimming Facilities:

  • YMCA - 257-0101 - Open community pool swim on Saturdays at 4-5:00; adults are $2.00. Any other time, $6.00 a visit for nonmembers.
  • Clarion - 257-2000 - $6.50/day
  • Cornell - has 2 pools available for people in the Cornell Community. You must have either a Cornell ID or be with someone who has a Cornell ID to purchase a day pass which covers pools and weight rooms. Call numbers below for lap swimming hours:
    • Teagle Center (255-1318)
    • Helen Newman (255-4261)
  • Ithaca College - 274-3290. If you go with an IC person, it is only $1.00 (Friday 7-9pm; Sat Noon-5:00; Sun Noon-5:00). This is a great deal if IC folks, who are members, are willing and able to host people.
  • Island Health and Fitness 607-277-3861. Day passes and memberships available.

Outdoor Swimming Facilities:

Ithaca Swim Club: 124 Uptown Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 * P: 607-266-9574

City Pools:

Cass Park Pool - Cass Park Pool - Mid-June - Mid-August, daily, noon-evening hours
Daily Admission: $5 or Season Lap Only Pass: $45. Call Cass Park at 273-1090 or the Ithaca Youth Bureau 273-8364 for more information.

Alex Haley Pool - Memorial Day - Labor day, daily, noon-evening hours


The Finger Lakes Cycling Club offers a number of rides targeted at different levels of riders. The cycling club's calendar has a weekly schedule of rides, and there a number


The Finger Lakes Runners Club sponsors a number of races in and around the Ithaca area.