E-commerce, marketing and corporate communications with a personal touch

2002 - 2008. Co-founded Oprah appearances in 2003. Acquired in Jan. 2005 by The Knot, Inc, the world’s leading wedding media and services company. Completed contract with The Knot January 2008.

GreatBoyfriends Where every single man comes with a woman’s stamp of approval
StrutYourHut Listing site combines Real Estate, social networking and entertainment
AskEJean & E. Jean Live Advice Columnist to Elle Magazine, Author and Talk Show Host
GreatGirlfriends Network where just “us dolls” got together!
The Green Goddess Gifts for the corporate golf industry
Van Cort Instruments (telescopes and kaleidoscopes). E-commerce, early web-based personalization platform
Music in Motion® Dance Companies, choreography and Instruction
"Willow Run" (book sales) by Wally Wiggins
Global Vegetarian Complete Vegetarian Dining for College and University Food Service
Innerwear Personal Hygiene System. Limited Access, Investors and manufacturer information
Voyagers International Eco-tourism to remote destinations worldwide
IGTOA International Galapagos Tourism Operators Association
RunJump Youth Sports website (Cyrus Co.designer). Involved in all aspects of this internet start-up
Finger Lakes Stone Business & residential natural stone products

At 14, I had my first “sales” position in my father’s Ft. Wayne, Indiana, furniture store escorting graduating high school girls and brides-to-be up to the fourth floor to show them Dad’s line of Lane cedar chests and bedroom suites, and sending them off with the now traditional gift, the timeless Lane mini-chest.
I took my first professional job at the Indiana University Medical School News Bureau interrupting my nearly completed undergrad education at Indiana University (studying English and Speech & Theatre), to join the Peace Corps with my husband. We served in Uganda, East Africa, living off the grid in a tiny, remote border village, treating eye disease and working in child & family rural health and agriculture programs.
We worked in Kenya for five more years as freelance photojournalists and ad agency & publications photographers (incl. Viva, The Nation, Longman Publishing); and for Kenya Utalii College (Hotel Training Institute), where we designed and produced a multi-media social studies program for the East African Hotel & Tourist Industry, a course which even today is part of the region’s hospitality training curriculum.

1980-1984 Houragency, Ithaca, NY, the mid-size ad agency Worked in all aspects of the business including successful performance as Director of Creative & Production, and Director of Promotion, Advertising & Sales.

1984-1991 Divi Resorts & Casinos, Director of Advertising & Promotion for the largest Caribbean Hotel Resort Company. Formed and directed the company’s award-winning in-house ad agency. Under my direction, the agency designed, wrote, and produced all of the company’s corporate communications, each resort’s in-room, restaurant and timeshare marketing & sales materials. Headed the design and production of all of the company’s innovative printed marketing and PR materials in support of its North American and European sales team resulting in the highest sustained year-round occupancy rates recorded before or sine in the region. The company moved its HQ to Miami in 1991.

1991-1993 Hunter S. Thompson Biography. Head of Research. Up-on publication handled college pub-licity: bookstore, radio, TV and print.

1991 >> Forward. Creative Resources Marketing, PR, promotion, research and production consultancy. Clients in advertising, entertainment, education, hospitality, recreation, manufacturing and publishing.

1995 >> Forward Expanded services into Web design, production and E-commerce for my clients, and personal internet retail/subscription and personalization.

1997 INNERWEAR I received a patent on the washable, re-usable, completely biodegradable fabric feminine hygiene product, called Innerwear. The product has yet to be licensed and commercialized.

SKILLS & EXPERIENCE Research and focus groups | Interview, transcription | Publications: writing, editing, design, printing oversight and publications auditing | Email marketing and promotion | Electronic media promotion | E-commerce | Software training | Database development | Radio & TV appearances | Publicity and booking, location and contact resources, subject research | Publications: writing, editing, design, printing oversight and publications auditing

AVOCATIONS Business, real estate, boating, swimming, skiing, skating, golf, tennis, fashion, relationships, advice, nutrition