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Wellbore Proximity Measurement for:

  • Blowout Relief Well
  • Subsurface Re-entry
  • Controlled Separation Drilling

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Well Proximity Measurement

We are the inventors and developers of the electromagnetic downhole proximity measurement. The Vector Magnetics patented active source techniques use an electrode to inject alternating current into the earth. The casing or drillpipe of the target well concentrates the current and generates an electromagnetic field. Sensors in the tool detect the magnitude, direction, and radial gradients of the elctromagnetic and magnetostatic fields. A microcomputer on the surface collects these measurements and uses them to compute the distance and direction from hole high side and magnetic North to target.


The new Wellspot Radial Gradient Ranging (RGR) service or standard Wellspot service can be run in open hole, through drillpipe, or inside non-magnetic assemblies to measure distance and direction to a target casing or fish. No access to the target well is required.

Use Wellspot and conventional directional drilling tools to:

  • Drill a relief well to control a blowout.
  • Mill a window and re-enter casing subsurface after sidetracking around a fish or collapsed casing.
  • Subsurface re-entry and abandonment.
  • Re-enter casing below an accidental workover sidetrack.
  • Find and re-enter a deep casing stub.
  • Intersect casing at multiple depths for remedial plugging.
  • Avoid collision with nearby wells.

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Wellspot Magnetic Guidance Tool Licensed and operated by Sperry Sun Drilling Services

The Magnetic Guidance Tool (MGT) is a downhole electromagnetic source for deployment in a reference well to enable drilling a second well at a controlled separation. The MGT can be used in quasi-static mode with conventional MWD systems, or for longer range applications (greater than 50 feet), with a standard Wellspot tool.

MGT Applications

Use the MGT with a standard MWD or Wellspot for:
  • Precise placement of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well pairs.
  • Well avoidance or intersection in high well density environs.
  • Controlled separation of horizontal and vertical stimulation or observation wells.

Additional Services:

  • River crossing guidance systems.
  • Parallel well placement for soil consolidation and hazardous waste isolation

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Tool specifcations

Vector Magnetics Wellspot tools measure and report distance and direction to a target using active electromagnetic and passive magnetic methods.

Location of the target is computed using Wellspot data and borehole surveys. Target drift angle and direction are analyzed and projected ahead.

Drilling well plans to intersect, re-enter, or avoid the target are developed in conjunction with directional drilling and operating company personnel.

Wellspot and Wellspot RGR Tools operated on a standard 7-conductor wireline, provided by open hole logging companies. No access to the target well is required. The equipment is portable and compact for fast and easy transport worldwide. Wellspot MGT Tools operate off of standard single conductor wirelines and require access to the target well.

Wellspot Tools Range Precision Direction to Target O.D. Temp Pressure
RGR I 25 ft. +/- 5% +/- 3 4.5" 350 F 20,000 psi
200 ft. +/- 20% +/- 3
RGR II 10 ft. +/- 5% +/- 3 2.0" 350 F 25,000 psi
200 ft. +/- 20% +/- 3
Wellspot 250 ft. +/- 20% +/- 3 2.0" 400 F 25,000 psi
MGT I with Wellspot 200 ft. +/- 5% +/- 3 3.5" 275 F 20,000 psi
MGT II with MWD 60 ft. +/- 3% @ 30 ft. +/- 3 2.0" 275 F 15,000 psi

Wellspot is covered by one or more of the following patent numbers:

U.S. Patent Numbers Canadian Patent Numbers
4,529,939 4,845,434 1,175,106
4,323,848 4,933,640 1,186,733
4,443,762 5,074,365 1,174,276
4,372,398 5,218,301 British Patent Numbers:
4,700,142 5,305,212 2,114,752
4,791,373 5,343,152 2,100,442
5,485,089 5,512,830
5,513,710 5,515,931

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