Dura-Bilt Insulated Roofs
Dura-Bilt has two styles of insulated roofs for you to choose from,
Dura-Therm and Dura-Lock. Both feature thick, laminated polystyrene
roof panels to provide excellent strength and insulating properties.

The lamination process seals the roof panels, top and bottom,
with seamless, pre-painted aluminum. The result is a roof that's
tough on the outside and handsome on the inside.

All-Season Sunroom with vertical sliding windows

Dura-Therm Insulated Roofs

Dura-Bilt roof and awning components are designed to work as a single unit. This is how we achieve our outstanding wind and snow load capabilities.

The superior design of our mounting rail, front header, and support columns all work together to produce the additional strength for varying weather conditions.

The Dura-Therm Insulated Roof features 2" or 3" thick laminated roof panels. These panels are joined with Dura-Bilt Roof Girders to give excellent snow load strength. This roof helps insulate your Sunroom or Screen Room from hot and cold temperature extremes. Dura-Therm 2" roofs are available in white or cream, and the roof panels are two feet wide. Dura-Therm 3" roofs are available in white only, the roof panels are three feet wide. Roof projections for both roofs are in one foot increments from 5 to 15 feet.

Dura-Lock Insulated Roofs

This rock solid roof is available in 3", 4", and 6" thicknesses. Our unique roof panel locking system results in a ceiling that looks virtually seamless. Each roof panel is 4' wide.

The optional Fan Beam Roof Panel provides an internal metal raceway for wiring and support for a ceiling fan and lights.

Dura-Bilt Roofs and Awnings are designed to extend to the left or right after initial installation. This allows you to expand your roof or awning in the future.