U-238 or denatured uranium (D.U.) is nuclear waste from nuclear reactors. The U.S.military is manufacturing it into shells and has used them in the Gulf War and Bosnia.They call them tank busters, they are nuclear weapons, and their use on any battlefield is a war crime. As a result U-238 is now detectable in the upper atmosphere. It covers the planet. Birth defects and diseases related to radiation poisoning are sky-rocketing in Iraq and Bosnia. Gulf War Syndrome is being attributed to radiation poisoning by U.S. veterans. U-238 has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. Stop the madness.

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Glowing in the Gulf
Radiation, Genetically Engineered Drugs, and the Gulf War Syndrome
by Mitchel Cohen

Iraqi cancers, birth defects blamed on U.S. depleted uranium

Document Dated: Nov-12-2002
GWVRP EDITOR'S COMMENTS: Here is a long article about depleted uranium. What this news article fails to mention is the 2000 medical study linking depleted uranium exposure with cancer in lab rats. Although there is some hyperbole in the article there are some interesting points.

Pentagon Poison: The Great Radioactive Ammo Cover-Up

© 1997, The Nation
By By Bill Mesler
Document Dated: May-13-1997

Independent Pilot Medical Study on Persian Gulf War Veterans Confirms Exposure to Depleted Uranium
© 1998, Military Toxics Project
Document Dated: Sep-25-1998
For Immediate Release: Contact: September 25, 1998 Tara Thornton, Military Toxics Project (207) 783-5091 Chris Kornkven, President, National Gulf War Resource Center (920) 699-2376 Dr. Hari Sharma, University of Waterloo, (519) 885-1211 ext. 2609

The Nation - The Pentagon's Radioactive Bullet
© 1996, Reprinted with permission from the 10/21/96 issue
By Bill Mesler
Document Dated: Oct-21-1996

First use of depleted uranium on battlefield suspected in ills of U.S. troops

By Francisco Lopez Reuda
Document Dated: Jul-01-1996I












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