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What Every Student, Client, Seeker Should Know

Creative Visualization, Holographic Conceptualization, "Thinking", "Thought", Mocking Up", Goal Setting, Targeting, "Getting the Idea Of", Conceptualizing, Considering, Postulating, Resolving, Remembering, Reminiscing, Ruminating, "Agonizing", "Fearing", Concluding, Deducing, Inducing, Assuming, Presuming, Rationalizing, Mentation and any of the other definitions for the act of creating a "mental image" is still CREATION.

You should know this.

One may create according to an arbitrary emotional state generated by Self or generated by one's REACTION to the environment.


  You should know this.

Your "existence" manifests in the Physical Universe, Mass Spectrum, Mundane Plane, "Planet Earth" , Matter-Energy-Space-Time Continuum, "Here-Now", "Life and Livingness" as a direct result of your CREATION.

You should know this.

If you create "THIS !",

But, you get this,


Perhaps it is time for you to consider some Spiritual Clearing,

which any of these fine Practitioners or Groups can deliver.

Dynamism Knowledgism
Lightlink's Clearing Organization Transcendental Clearing
Acceptance Metapsychology
Trauma Clearing Idenics
World Transformation Free Zone Org
International Viewpoints Workgroup/Fundamental Spiritual Research


Or, you are invited to find out more about

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