I formed ADVANCED COUNSELING SERVICFS, in late 1984 for what I observed was a needed and wanted purpose. I am writing to inform you of my motives, purposes, desires and goals, as well as the evolution of ACS, TEC and ACCESS.

Beginning as a four year old, having been raised in a Southern Baptist (mother), Anglican (father) household, religion was prized dearly, accompanied by the recitation of biblical scripture at Sunday Family dinners, and grace before every meal. I later found myself in Catholic Schools, the outcome of district changes by the school districting committee, and rapidly became a self-announced candidate for Roman Catholic priesthood. And, I was just as rapidly dissuaded by the nuns who taught me in grammar school, the Irish Christian Brothers in high school, and the Christian Brothers in college.

Yet, I thirsted to satisfy the spiritual inquiries started as an eight year old when I read that which I later found out to be the original thesis of dianetics, serialized in a science fiction magazine.

Several years passed. Upon my return from military service, and after an over indulgent “Jazz Life”, I became involved actively in scientology from 1967 until my departure from that group in 1981. I was ordained as a minister in 1968, and opened my first mission in the City of Fullerton, Orange County, California in 1969. I continued my practice with that group in a very active, overt and contributory manner while developing a career as film distributor and commercial and theatrical film score composer, which supported the fees I paid for services in that group.

My own experience from 1977 through 1980, however, led me to believe that an element had entered into my church, with which I strongly disagreed. After my involvement in the Washington DC public relations campaign during the trials of senior church management, I found my self at odds with the direction of the church's public relations thrust, and the church's encroachment on ones personal existence.

I became aware that I was at odds with my church.

I left active participation with that group, and continued my business and entertainment enterprises. When I became aware of the independent movement and the Free Zone, I aligned myself with a group in Riverside County, California.

Having informed myself of the latest technology available, and having delivered months of counseling and case supervision, I left that group to form ACS, in October of 1984, in Garden Grove, California.

In early 1986, ACS acquired The Clear Centre of North Hollywood, California. ACS continued the operation of both Centers, as well as a private field practice in Riverside, California through 1987. The history of day-by-day harassment and persecution which followed the expansion of those training and counseling centers need not be recounted here.

After years of bitter legal struggle, stalking by private detectives, and three days of incarceration, with no charges levied against me, all of which was designed to bankrupt ACS, destroy my self-esteem and personal life, as well as that of my family, friends, associates and co-workers, some critical, vital and damning information came to light in 1991 which caused the antagonistic cult to make an abrupt about face, claim “we admit to no wrong doing”, and rapidly slink off into the night.

I have actively practiced my philosophic and ministerial duties since that time, but on a more modest scale. And in the intervening years, have made some truly remarkable discoveries.

Through the wins and successes of my clientele as well as my own personal case handling (solo and co-counseled), I have had wonderfully gratifying understandings, awarenesses and affirmations of a unique methodology for the application of advanced spiritual clearing techniques. I have been able to further develop and enhance these techniques for the spiritual expansion of the truly able, those, who are no longer under the hammer of cultist organizations, but who desire further expansion of their own native, nascent spiritual abilities.

Third Echelon Clearing (TEC) and ACCESS are two expressions of these unique and personal insights.

My training and processing are thoroughly outlined in another section of this web site. What is not indicated are my many years of study in Zen Buddhism, a thorough education in Catholic grammar school, high school and college, my conversion to Islam and my active study of Sufiism, my training in astrology, numerology, palmistry, and spiritualism under Zoltan Mason, tarot and various other occult and alchemic studies, religious and philosophic studies including the works of Madame Blavatsky, Count Alexei Korzibsky, Buckminster Fuller, Maxwell Maltz' Psycho-Cybernetics, Free Masonry, Christian Science, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Magick, Pranayama Yogic Breath Control, the Vedic Literature, the Torah, Talmud, and Quabala, Aleister Crowley, the Gnostics, classical Greek and European thought, Don Juan Castenedas and intimate family initiation into various native American spiritual and religious rites, among many other subjects and teachings.

In all the thousands and thousands of hours of study and practice, I have found a certain philosophic work with methods of practical application to be one of the most concise expositions of truths above all the other disciplines.

I clearly saw the place of the various other studies above, however, in the development and expansion of those native skills and abilities which are normally ranked in and among metaphysical and para-normal disciplines (such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, “OBE”, etc.).

I trust my personal experience, knowledge, skill and background in all the other paths bring a well rounded, knowledgeable approach to these subjects, aligning body, mind and spirit, in the study, practice and personal application of the advanced spiritual technology of ACS.

I offer you a path, a road, a method to personal advanced spiritual enlightenment and expanded spiritual abilities as your on-line case supervisor and trainer in these techniques.

If desired, ACS also can make available private counselors, or assist in the location and training of a co-counselor with whom you can work together in achieving your mutual goals in these areas.

In conjunction with ACS staff, I offer a road of adventure in the discovery of the true capabilities of Self through your SOLO and/or CO-COUNSELING application of ACCESS and TEC to those areas of personal power, ability and the extension of life force throughout the universes.

LaMont Johnson, Executive Director,

The Church of Spiritual Enlightenment,


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