Goals Of Advanced Counseling Services

The goals of ACS as I see them are simple:

I shall do all in my power to see that ACS and it's staff are dedicated to the purpose of serving mankind in his quest for Spiritual Enlightenment, by sharing, through excellent technology, advanced case supervision, and effective counseling, the wisdom I have become aware of through my studies, years of personal practice and my own spiritual enlightenment and understanding.

It is my firm and unshakable understanding and awareness that wisdom does not have a copyright attached to it. The intellectual properties of an individual might, as well it should. But wisdom, pure and simple, bears no copyright, is owned by no one, and benefits all.

It is also my firm belief that all wisdom is developed through men for the use of Man.

It is my firm belief that the various teachers who came before developed the application of their insights which ACS now adds to and brings forward for our use, not abuse.

You are welcome to ACS, and my help and the help of my staff is yours.

With All My Love,


LaMont Johnson,

Founder and Executive Director


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