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  Abilities and Man

Throughout the eons, Mankind has sought to exceed the limitations of the flesh and the barriers to expansion and heightened existence imposed by the physical universe of matter, energy, space and time. Man has employed all manner of study, reasoning, shamanism, religion, psycho-therapy, divination, mysticism, magic, and applied philosophy in order to arrive at a level of existence which was superior to mere "survival".

Survival, perhaps, might be viewed as a dynamic principle of existence. At earlier stages in the development of the spiritual being, this principle may prove efficacious in bringing about improvement and change in the outlook of the student-seeker. Yet and still the principle of "survival" reduces man and woman to a contentious relationship with his or her environment.

At best, one must keep a constantly wary eye out, as the disciplines and punishments can be immediate and final when delivered by an uncaring mundane plane, that unheeding monolith of matter. energy, space and time, the witless and thoughtless physical universe.

This state of affairs hasn't sat too well with Man. The conquest of the physical universe continues to be the driving factor behind Man's technological society and culture. The simple fact that you are reading this web-page comes as a direct result of Man overcoming tremendous barriers and obstacles posed by the physical universe. Yet, Man did it. And continues to do it.

In earlier practices and studies, the focus has been on the elimination of the painful or negative incidents, experiences, and decisions made in the past which influence our daily present time existence. In so doing, one might eventually achieve a state known as "Clear" - either in a given area of existence, or as a near absolute method of existence. Having achieved the state, one is no longer "reactive". One is no longer subject to the vicissitudes of a "stimulus-response" mental apparatus or belief-system. One is "Clear".

And with the achievement of that state, Man becomes rather immediately intimate with his spiritual existence. Man also "wakes up" to many dormant spiritual abilities upon achieving the state of Clear. And with the awareness of the existence of these abilities, comes the awareness of personal limitation in many areas. That can be quite an "eye-opener" for someone who considered Clear an ultimate state. This awareness might even "sour" one toward further study, search and practice.

After nearly 48 years of spiritual study, beginning with a serialized version of a mental healing method I read as a nine year old, coupled with years of religious and philosophical study and practice, ministry and service to those who valued what I delivered, while tandemly forging a career in entertainment, I have gained insight into the Creative Cycle, and how Man manifests his spiritual power in the mundane universe of matter, energy, space and time.

I have also seen great artists, pals and friends, succumb to the trap which springs on those who aren't constantly vigilant, this physical universe. I've seen meteoric rises followed by unexplicable careening plunges into the dark unrelenting and unforgiving abyss of nothingness. The more I studied the more this wisdom eluded me. What brought this about - this instant crash into oblivion, just at the heights of success and freedom ?

Not too long ago, I spent an exhaustive period of review of all that I had previously studied - the writings of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha, the gospels of Jesus Christ, Freud, Jung, the Rig Veda, the arcane writings of Aleister Crowley, the voluminous outpourings of Ron Hubbard, Madame Blavatsky, the Qabalah, Will and Ariel Durant, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and so many more - when suddenly it hit like a flash ! I could see more clearly than I had ever seen before.

I began using these principles on a group of my public, who were receiving "standard" counseling from me - an entrepreneur, a commanding real estate holder and broker, an actress, a corporate multi-level marketing executive, an author, a high-profile attorney. There are twelve in all. By incorporating certain administrative procedures to their daily life and livingness, along with these discoveries (which had been sitting there all the time), in each and every case, their personal life statistics showed a tremendous leap forward. But now, there were no crashes. And the reports of "magical" achievements of new creative ability were paralleled in each case.

I had found something that was superior to the "standard technology" I had studied so religiously for so many years.

Parallel to these outstanding successes on the part of my clients and their lives and businesses, my own career in entertainment was making a quantum leap forward, and travel and performance, recording, radio and television appearances are mounting rapidly.

"The river of light" as one dear friend calls the Internet-World Wide Web presents an immediate solution, and one I gladly leap into with both feet. You, who have achieved the heights but yet yearn for that "extra" ability - You, who desires to expand senses and skills you know you have and which are labeled "para-normal" - You, who feels the need to flex your spiritual "muscle", I offer you, ADVANCED COUNSELING SERVICES' ACCESS !


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