With no fourth wall in the room, can’t people see into my bedroom?

Ladera was built perched on the top rim of a ridge 1000 feet above sea level overlooking the Caribbean. Because of it’s height, and the fact that it is nestled into the hillside, no one but the birds can see into your room.

Isn’t it hot without air conditioning?

Ladera is always several degrees cooler than any other place in St. Lucia because of it’s elevation. There is constant "natural air conditioning" in all the rooms, suites and villas at Ladera because of the cooling trade winds which blow in from the east. You can adjust how much of a breeze you get simply by opening or closing a window.

Since Ladera is up on the ridge 1000 feet, how will I get to the beach?

Ladera provides shuttles down to Soufriere twice a day, where you will be picked up in a charming small boat and delivered directly to a nearby beach of Saint Lucia. On the way, your boat driver will point out some of the unique points of interest in and around the town of Soufriere.

What is the food like at Ladera?

Fabulous! Dasheene, the restaurant at Ladera, has been recognized as having some of the best cuisine on the island. The food is a blend of Caribbean, Oriental and Continental dishes, and the dinner menu changes daily, depending upon the availability of ingredients.

I require a special diet for health reasons. Can this be accommodated?

Absolutely! Our chef always prepares a wide selection of dishes, including several vegetarian offerings, each day. Should you have any special needs or dietary restrictions, we are happy to do everything possible to accommodate you -- and deliciously too!

Is there a dress code at Dasheene, the restaurant at Ladera?

Although Dasheene is recognized as the best restaurant on the island of St. Lucia, there is no official dress code. Breakfast and lunch, most people are ready to go out and enjoy the day -- shorts, tee shirts, summer dresses, even bathing suits with cover ups are fine. For dinner, the dress ranges from dressy casual to elegant, depending on the guest and what special occasion they may be celebrating.

Should we bring our children to Ladera?

Ladera was designed primarily as a retreat for adults. Because of its unique location overlooking the Caribbean and the Pitons, there are steep drop-offs at the edge of every suite. Furthermore, many guests come to Ladera to get away from their children, for the romantic setting and peaceful solitude Ladera offers. If you do bring your children, please keep a constant eye on them, especially around the cliff areas and on the stairways, and be sure they understand that peace and quiet are important to many of the guests at the resort.

There are no telephones in the rooms. How can I contact people?

There is a telephone in the office available for guests to use whenever the office is open, as well as a fax machine. In an emergency, contact any staff member, and they will find a phone for you to use. Calls are billed to telephone credit cards, we don’t have the ability to charge them to your room. Should anyone need to reach you, the office will take a message and deliver it to your room.

What kinds of things are there to do at Ladera?

Each of the villas and suites has its own private plunge pool, in addition to the main pool at the Resort. There are rainforest tours, hiking, horseback riding, as well as special bird watching tours. The world’s only drive-in volcano is just a short walk away (don’t worry, it won’t blow up), and the mineral baths at the botanical gardens are a special treat. For water lovers, we can arrange boat charters, scuba diving, sport fishing, and in season, whale watching expeditions.

What is the currency in St. Lucia? Can I use credit cards?

The unit of currency in St. Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is fixed at a rate of US$1.00=EC$2.67. Rates will vary a bit depending on where you exchange money, but US currency is also widely accepted. Most shops and restaurants do accept credit cards. Ladera accepts Master Card, Visa and American Express.


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