Special Events

Midway Caravan has the ability to produce large-scale pageant events drawing on the participation of the public. Our Puppet Parades can be seen at major events across North America.

star.gif (362 bytes)Family Puppet Parade

Up to 40 life-size rod puppets!

star.gif (362 bytes)"Circus Days!"

"See the Circus / Be the Circus!"

Circus Village

Stroller Square

star.gif (362 bytes)The Teddy Bears' Picnic

A complete Teddy Bear environment!

star.gif (362 bytes)The Family Camp Fire

Stories, Games, Songs & Dances!

star.gif (362 bytes)Voyage of the Lost Children

Indoor pageant for community events.

star.gif (362 bytes)The International Mardi Gras

Featuring "Pierrot & the Golden Ball!"  

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P.O. Box 209 Freeville, NY 13068

Tel. 607-844-8667    Fax 607-844-4065

E-mail: events@midwaycaravan.com

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