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Candor 431 This is Candor 431
431 is the oldest ambulance, but still runs great.

This is Candor 432.
This ambulance is normally the first unit out on a run. It has the same interior as 433 (see below). It is also equipted with drop chains for winter time hassles.
Candor 432

Candor 433 This is Candor 433.
This is a M.C.I. (Multiple Casualties Incident) unit. It is equiped backboard 8 people. Because of this it is normally the first one to go to fires, car accidents or places where its large engine may be needed. It too, is also equiped with drop chains. Besies being an M.C.I. unit it functions as a normal ambulace, so don't be afraid of it.

This is the inside of Candor 433 (the big one). As with all three ambulances, it can transport two patients. The Inside of Candor 433

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