A Note from 7Song

Welcome to the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine's website. Within this website, you'll find current information about the school and its programs, a place to view and download a variety of handouts (more will be posted later), and a student-dedicated area.
If you would like to contact me with any questions, please e-mail me or write or call me at the above address and phone number. When writing please leave your phone number. If calling please call between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Eastern standard time, and leave your information clearly and unhurriedly. When e-mailing or calling, please be patient awaiting a response. If I don't get back to you in a timely manner, please try again.


Attention All Interested Herbal Students

The interview process has begun for the 2006 programs (both 3-day and monthly). As I am having a smaller class this year, I encourage all of you who are interested to get in touch with me soon. I realize that May (when classes begin) seems far away, but the classes are now gradually filling up. So if you are interested or looking for more in-depth information, give a call soon. All (i.e., ALL) students for the 3-days-a-week program (there is more flexibility in the monthly program) must come to Ithaca for a personal interview, so it may be handy if you live far-away to sort this out now (It seems that many transplanted West Coasters come home for Thanksgiving or in late December). I look forward to meeting you.

We have begun putting up an area on the website for past and present students' use to submit stories, photos, and other whims (see the Student button on the left). If you would like to post a memento, anecdote or other device, please send it to 7Song.

To exchange information between students, there is a yahoo group site at groups.yahoo.com/group/NESBM . There is an initial sign up required to join; this was done to avoid grievous amounts of solicitations.When signing up, please make sure you include your name, otherwise the information just shows your email name. This dialogue space is for students to pass along any information they feel may be relevant for other students and NSBM alumni. This can include case studies (no names please), wildcrafting swaps or sales, questions to pose, or other interesting tidbits.

I would like to thank all the herby people who have passed through the school and through my life, which has enriched it considerably. Some of you have become friends and peers and I am grateful for your presences.


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