The agency utilizes an eclectic approach to treatment, offering an array of clinical services but also relying heavily upon the concept of a therapeutic milieu as a paradigm for treatment. The latter notion suggests that all interactions between staff and residents, carry with them opportunities for new learning, enhanced self-image, and more adaptive problem solving skills. The development of constructive relationships is seen as the key to modifying the child's dysfunctional behaviors and maladjustments.

Clinical services offered include individual, group and family therapy, including specialized groups for such needs as social skills, alcohol and drug education and anger management. The agency also utilizes the services of a licensed psychologist and child psychiatrist to participate in the development of an integrated treatment plan, as well as to address the need for psychopharmacological intervention where that is indicated.

The primary focus of treatment is maintenance of a program structure that ensures behavioral control while the youth is increasing self-control. This is realized by means of a staff-secure environment, a graduated privilege-level system and, natural and logical consequences.

To help the child learn to modify dysfunctional patterns of behavior and to acquire pro-social replacement behaviors.

To help the child accept responsibility for his actions.

To identify and resolve emotional or psychiatric disturbances which are causing distress.

To identify and remediate family issues, dynamics or dysfunctions which are causing distress and contributing to behavioral and emotional problems.

To help the child develop the social skills necessary for successful functioning in home, school and community.

To provide the child with an educational, vocational and recreational learning experience appropriate to his individual needs.