After 28 years in business Lightlink will be closing at the end of August 2023.

Home or Business High Speed Internet Accounts (Radio Accounts)

Lightlink Broadband Radio accounts will be serviced by Scott Adams of What we hope will be a seamless transition will happen over the next month. Many of you are familiar with Scott as he worked for Lightlink for many years, was trained by Homer and knows our network very well. You can reach him by email at or phone at 607 279 2944 or visit his website at

Web and Email Accounts

Lightlink highly recommends that web page customers transfer their pages to Jim Verhagen's servers. Jim has been helping Lightlink customers for decades and has had a strong relationship with our company since it's inception. Many of you know that Jim runs an extremely professional service and will take excellent care of former Lightlink customers. Please email Jim at to establish communication.

We are still sorting out the best solution for email customers and will be sending an email update in the next few days as to their future.

As most of you know, Homer died in December 2022. There is no replacing him and we realize that Lightlink has no future without him.

We will endeavor to keep things running as smoothly as possible until the end of August. If you are not interested in our suggestions above, we recommend that you start looking for a new provider immediately and email Jane at when it is time to cancel your account. If you paid a year in advance both Scott and Jim will honor your payments. If you need a refund please communicate with Jane.

We cannot thank you enough for your patronage over the years. Lightlink has been an incredibly rich experience because of our customers.

The Homer and Jane Team